EVA: Phaco-Vitrectomy system that maximizes surgeon control

EVA creates a new technological dimension which will encourage you to see further and find new solutions for Cataract and Vitreoretinal Surgery.

Revolutionary fluidics

Vacuum mode

Vacuum mode

Provides surgeon with Increased efficiency – tissue comes to the port. Ideal for faster tissue removal.

Flow mode

Flow mode

Provides the surgeon with increased control and predictability in more delicate surgical procedures. Allows for precise engagement of tissue, ideal for shaving anterior vitreous  and trimming membranes.


Two Dimensional Cutting (TDC) up to 16,000 cpm*

 - TDC with VacuFlow VTi fluidics allows surgeon to control flow of tissue into the port for precise cutting.

 - Port open design reduces intraocular turbulence caused by traditional cutters allowing better surgeon control. 


* The TDC cutter has a cut speed of up to 8000 cpm and is designed to facilitate cutting tissue on the return of each stroke of the vitrectome, effectively doubling the cut speed.

Smaller gauge surgery

One step ahead in perfect precision: extensive range of 27 Gauge instruments with rigid shaft

  • Enhanced wound construction and reduced need to suture.
  • Minimally invasive procedure
  • Rigid shaft optimizes performance of instruments during core and peripheral vitrectomy 

LED illumination

Constant Lumen output

 - No degradation of light output over the +10,000 hour life of the LED

 - Significant cost savings compared to traditional Xenon bulbs (400 hours)

Available color tinting

 - Allows for user adjustable tissue contrast for enhanced visualization

 - Increased safety profile for extended or highly complicated cases

Filtered for safety

 - Integrated 435nm and 680nm filters for UV and IR protection

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